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Rozier Leadership Consulting

Dr. LaCiana Rozier

Dr. Rozier


Dr. LaCiana Rozier is an instructional leader with over 25 years of experience providing organizational, group, and individual coaching to facilitate behavior change. She is a behavior specialist with experience in large urban school districts working on systems change. As a professor for multiple universities, Dr. Rozier provides classroom instruction and internship supervision in the areas of K-12 education and leadership. She serves as an executive functioning coach and as a leader in the community. She supports organizations and individuals to apply the principles of behavior change and backwards planning to meet their goals. She holds five degrees, a teaching license, and Crisis Prevention Intervention Instructor Certification. Dr. Rozier uses a customized approach to help individuals, groups, and organizations develop a sense of self-efficacy to meet their individual goals.


  • Ed.D in Organizational Leadership - Grand Canyon University

  • Ed.S in Education leadership & Policy Studies - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • MS in Special Education - Old Dominion University

  • BS in Special Education & BA in History - North Carolina Agricultural & State University


  • Individual/Organizational Behavior Change

  • Supervision

  • Instructional Methodologies

  • Professional Development

  • Professional Learning Communities

  • Advising/Coaching/ Mentoring

  • Building Teaming Structures

  • Alternative Discipline Approach

  • Staff Wellness

  • Program Improvement

  • Collaboration

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"Dare to ask questions and seek answers to the puzzles of life." ~ Lailah Gifty Akita.


Business Presentation

Our leadership development training programs have several very important benefits. They increase employee morale and retention, improve productivity, promote better decision making, build better teams, and train future leaders in your company who have a management style that is conducive to a positive working atmosphere. Set up your appointment today!!



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Our consultations help companies operate at maximum efficiency by properly utilizing the skills and talents already present within the organization to best advantage. To this end, our process of developing leaders will involve securing additional training for specific employees as well as making changes to the current business culture. We are here to help. Set up an appointment today!!


Colleagues at Work

Coaching empowers leaders to do exceptional work. Coaches establish an advantageous relationship that uncovers hidden strengths and weaknesses within the leader. Goals will be created to enable leaders to pinpoint their weaknesses and track their progress. Let's get started by setting up your appointment  today!!

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